Protection Orders

A protection orders is a civil order that prevents one party from engaging in harassing conduct towards another.  When it comes to protection orders, it’s critical to understand the rights of the parties involved as well as the different types of protection orders. Ms. Liukkonen has handled a broad assortment of protection order cases throughout her career. She has helped file protection orders, defend people from having one granted against them and even helped others to reverse protection orders once they’ve been issued.

Filing a Protection Order


Anyone can file a protection order against another. Once it is filed, a court hearing can be set for the judge to decide whether or not there is a basis to grant this protection order. People can, of course, go through the process on their own, but having a reliable and knowledgeable attorney to guide you and represent you will allow nothing to slip between the cracks. There are many facts that need to be stated and uncovered on the other side of the table. Ms. Liukkonen takes situations such as these very seriously and wants to eliminate any stress or uncertainty for you in this process. She will make you aware of the possibilities and will assemble evidence needed for the hearing.


When Defending a Protection Order


Some people will receive a notice that a protection order being filed against them and will think nothing of it, because they don’t wish to have contact with that individual anyway. However, what is commonly disregarded is the fact that a protection order strips away your civil rights, which, consequently, can create a wide-range of issues for you, especially when it comes to finding employment or housing. It can also appear on your criminal history searches and can affect such areas as traveling internationally.


Ms. Liukkonen is determined to meet with you to go over the facts of your case, provide legal advice and suggestions, as well as represent you in court. She will prepare you to testify and cross examine the petitioner.