Family Law

Family law requires a sensitivity to the emotions of the people involved as well as their long-term best interests. For those reasons and more, it is imperative to find an attorney you can trust with these very personal legal issues. Fortunately, Ms.  Liukkonen works hard to protect your financial interests and parental rights in cases of divorce and child custody.



Divorces are extremely emotional and difficult periods. There are many decisions that need to be made and plenty steps that need to be completed, especially if children are involved. It’s an overwhelming and oftentimes devastating process, and Jodi Liukkonen is here to help.


Ms. Liukkonen will help guide you through this process with professionalism, compassion and educated legal advice. She takes the time to understand your goals and respect your preferences in reaching them, and she takes pride in her ability to carefully listen to her clients to resolve even the most complex disputes in a civil manner while protecting your rights.


Child Custody


Legal issues involving child custody often turn otherwise civil divorces into heated battles. When tension mounts and tempers flare over a child and his or her parents’ marriage ends with divorce, the guidance and support of a compassionate attorney is essential for practical resolutions. Ms. Liukkonen’s representation reflects her belief in “the best interests of the child.” She works directly with clients, couples and families to negotiate favorable outcomes.


Child Protection


Cases involving child protection can be highly emotional for parents, so parents need thorough legal advice and an attorney who will fight for their rights in court. This is an area where Ms. Liukkonen is well-prepared for. She’s been involved in child protection cases since the late 1990’s.




Compared to what you may see on television, divorce doesn’t have to become a difficult action between two spouses who no longer want to be together. If you and your spouse still have an amicable relationship, you may consider using mediation as a way to resolve any issues before dissolving the marriage. Ms. Liukkonen is a certified mediator and utilizes mediation on a regular basis with her cases. She offers efficient conflict resolution for family law matters in a constructive and confidential manner.