Child Custody

When it comes to divorce, making decisions in the best interest of your children is a priority. There are a variety of custody options available to you. Working with your spouse and children will ensure that everyone is as happy as possible with the custody arrangements. However, we know that there are often factors that make divorce and child custody arrangement extremely difficult, such as abuse, drug or alcohol addiction and criminal records. Ms. Liukkonen is highly experienced in both situations and is prepared to help divorcing parents create the best custody arrangement for their children.

Types of Child Custody

Deciding which type of child custody parents will opt for can be contentious and challenging, especially when factors such as geographic restrictions, alleged abuse and drug or alcohol addiction come into play. Knowing what type of custody you intend to pursue will help you and your children have a smooth transition after the divorce is finalized.


Joint Managing Conservatorship (JMC)

In Texas, JMC is presumed which provides for the same rights and duties for each parent. This does not always mean that each parent gets an equal amount of time with their children (i.e., custody and visitation). That gets decided in a separate visitation schedule.

If this is the route you choose to go, it is imperative that Ms. Liukkonen sets up a parenting plan, so both parents can stay on the same page regarding the children’s education, medical decisions and religious upbringing.


Sole Managing Conservatorship (SMC)

SMC means the court only grants one parent the legal right to make decisions concerning the children. These rights include, but aren’t limited to, consenting medical treatment, making decisions about the children’s education and deciding the primary residence. There are many reasons why a court could grant a parent SMC, such as the other parent has a history of family violence, drugs and alcohol, criminal activity, neglect or any extreme conflicts.


Divorce Mediation

Not all divorces can be uncontested. If you are having difficulty coming to an agreement with your spouse about child custody, or any other issue, mediation is a great way to resolve the disagreement. Mediation occurs prior to, and often in place of, a trial and makes it easy for divorcing spouses to work together to find the right child custody agreement for their family.

Ms. Liukkonen represents clients in mediation in addition to being certified mediators themselves. She has a thorough understanding of the mediation process.