Divorces are highly emotional and difficult to endure. The procedures of a divorce may seem rather straightforward, but they can become very complicated – principally when they involve property division, debt division and children. Even in an otherwise amicable divorce, these matters can become contentious, causing couples to become overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of decisions that must be made. In addition, a couple may not have the expertise to create a divorce decree that sufficiently explains the terms of the agreement. Legal fees can quickly add up, especially if anything is missed.

Liukkonen’s Approach


Depend on Ms. Liukkonen to help guide you through this process with professionalism and compassion. Her legal advice is sound and will represent your best interests every step of the process. While Ms. Liukkonen is committed to resolving your case in an uncontested manner, if necessary, she is prepared to go to court to litigate contested divorces. Count on Ms. Liukkonen to tenaciously and intelligently defend your interests in or out of the courtroom.