Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution technique that seeks to resolve disputes in lieu of litigation. In mediation, two parties work with their respective attorneys and a neutral third party to come to a resolution


Ms. Liukkonen is a certified mediator and utilizes mediation on a regular basis with her cases. She offers efficient conflict resolution for family law matters in a constructive and confidential manner.

Benefits of Mediation


Greater Control

A great benefit to parties who negotiate their own settlements is having more control over the outcome of their dispute. In a mediated settlement, the gains and losses are predictable versus if they are decided by the courts.


Mediation is more cost-effective that having the matter decided by the courts as it will not be tried to a judge or jury, which is very costly and time consuming. For those who want to finalize a divorce quickly and affordably, mediation is the best option.

Reduced Emotional Trauma

Mediation is also great for minimizing the emotional trauma that comes along with many court cases, especially divorces, child custody cases and cases involving child protection. This process is much more private than litigation and usually resolves quickly. Mediation fosters collaboration, making it less difficult emotionally for clients.

High Success Rate

Mediation is known for having a high success rate. This can typically be attributed to the fact that disputing parties and their attorneys are working together rather than in competition with one another. Additionally, the flexibility of mediation gives disputing parties the room to disagree productively and quickly reach solutions.